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Cable n Internet

Our TRAI complaint Cable Solution

With the  recent TRAI guidelines to allow Consumers to chose their preferences of Channels of viewing , The Service Providers like MSO or LCO will have challenge to capture customer requirement in a digital form and also raise correct Billing to the customers 

By Joining our Mere Appne Platform MSO / LCO will be able to capture Customer Choices in Digital form & also raise correct billing every month based on Set Channel or Value Pack Prices 

Our LCO Solution

Our Solution

Our NTO2 Compliant MSO/ LCO Solution

  • Customer Data upload for LCOs using Excel

  • Plan Pricing Set-up to suit LCO pricing within allowed perimeter 

  • Unique Collection Dashboard to control business 

  • Separate inbuilt App for Collection & Finance team

  • TRAI guideline enabled solution for customers to capture Customer demand 

  • Route based allocation for collection team 

  • We can have online offline Interface woth LCO Portal & MSO Backend systems 

  • Auto Subscription renewal with Advance Billing with reminders 

  • UPI integration for on-line collection 

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