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Network Hub and Cable


 1. Cable n Internet 

Our TRAI complaint Cable Solution

With the  recent TRAI guidelines to allow Consumers to chose their preferences of Channels of viewing , The Service Providers like MSO or LCO will have challenge to capture customer requirement in a digital form and also raise correct Billing to the customers 

By Joining our Mere Appne Platform MSO / LCO will be able to capture Customer Choices in Digital form & also raise correct billing every month based on Set Channel or Value Pack Prices 

OUR LCO Solution

Our NTO2 Compliant MSO/ LCO Solution

  • Customer Data upload for LCOs using Excel

  • Plan Pricing Set-up to suit LCO pricing within allowed perimeter 

  • Unique Collection Dashboard to control business 

  • Separate inbuilt App for Collection & Finance team

  • TRAI guideline enabled solution for customers to capture Customer demand 

  • Route based allocation for collection team 

  • We can have online offline Interface woth LCO Portal & MSO Backend systems 

  • Auto Subscription renewal with Advance Billing with reminders 

  • UPI integration for on-line collection  

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 2. Milk Order 

Milk B2B B2C

Our Milk & Milk Products Solution Covers Milk B2B from Plant / Depot to 
Area Distributor to Retail Shop to Daily Home Delivery

We cover Order to Cash Plus Procure to Pay Business Process combining
power of Cloud platform and Mobile App 

मेरे अपने  मिल्क डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर्स के लिए 

If you want keep your Business ....
Become a Digital Business 

Milk Product Depot-Plant

Our Solution for your Milk & Milk Products Depot / Plant

We will help you become a Digital Business with our simplistic Approach 

Our simple Solution involves 

  • Excel Upload of Customer Master , Dealers PO upload 

  • We cover your Depot roles like

    • Depot or Plant In Charge 

    • Distributor Manager

    • Loading & Shipping 

    • Depot Finance 

    • Depot Delivery Excel

  • Shipment Tracking ​

  • UPI integration for payments 

  • Option of Batch & Credit tracking 

We will give Brand HQ a full visibility to their entire value chain allowing them to create command and control center leveraging real time data 

Milk Distributors

Move to Mobile with

simple Excel Uploads


Upload Customer Master

Upload Customer Product Pricing

Upload Customer's Monthly Order

Define & Upload Customer Routes

Excel to
Mobile App






Milk Home Delivery Retailer

Daily Home Delivery

When you register as Milk Root category Retailers you can select Brands of you choice including A2 Milk or Local Brand 

Our simple Solution will help you to 

  • Upload all Customers with their Mobile Numbers and address

  • Set Delivery Team by Route / Buildings 

  • Set Product pricing including delivery charges per Month

  • Manage Customer Accounts 

  • Manage collections with UPI 

  • Ask Customers to download UPI PeDailes App

  • use this link

  • Customers can edit daily quantity change on APP using Calendar

  • Customers can check Bills online 


USE our Videos from How Do I...
Section to know our Solution in detail 

 3. Newspaper Order 

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