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Phone Se Order 

Its very typical & liked option by consumers who give a call to their regular suppliers & order on phone for a home delivery Current  Shops 

Our App will help Consumer

  • Phone Se Grocery 

  • Phone Se Vegetable & Fruits Shop

  • Restaurants on Phone 

  • Phone Se Pharmacy 

  • Many More getting added

What Business Issue we are Solving ?

Merchants today receive Phone orders by multiple sources

  • Customers Making Phone Calls

  • Customers sending WhatsApp Messages

  • Customer Sending SMS

Merchants have to keep manual tracking of every order

  • cannot help customers track delivery status

  • Payment collection is disconnected & delivery boy has to check with shop

  • Daily payment collection status is maintained manually & is a difficult task

Its expensive for Merchants to promote business offers / deals to a larger area

We are offering one APP that will address all the above issues with a simple solution
& will also be very economical . It can also become additional source of income

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